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Why do you really need diamonds in games Hay Day?

Diamonds would be the premium currency in the video gaming app Hay Day. With some exceptions you are able to only get them if you purchase them with your pocket cash. And they are expensive because hell! They are really useful within the game since you can use them for a number of activities. For example you can skip time for a building to be built from it. With this method you will progress with the game way faster. Beside this great advantage of time there are plenty of other advantages, but I probably don’t have to tell that to you because you play the game by your self. But much more important is ways to get the premium currency without a Hay Day hack even when it’s from http://www.alraebuck.com/ or perhaps a cheat. We have done everything in order to answer this question and the result is visible in this blog.


This is how you’re going to get free diamonds
The possibilities to get at diamonds in Hay Day might currently be known by you. Knowing any other ways to reach diamonds and coins then share your advice within the comments section.

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Opening treasure boxes
The first opportunity to get diamonds would be to open treasure chests. You can get them randomly through the online game, but if you find one then your percentage to find diamonds within treasure chests is pretty large. Beside diamonds of course there’s also other items in them, however they are not so valuable, you’re going to get them often but they may be used in many situations.

Completing quests and reaching achievements
The second possibility to get at free diamonds in the online game Hay Day is to complete lots of missions. While playing the game and finishing tasks you’ll easily unlock achievements which won’t be rewarded with coins, additionally, you will get diamonds if you tend to be lucky. If you have problems to complete a mission then simply check out the internet for tips and methods. You shouldn’t get stuck on missions for too much time.